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Journey Work
Shamanic Counseling is an adaptation of traditional shamanic methods for a modern counseling environment. It uses the core technique of the Shamanic Journey to help you access your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. Deep within all of us are immense resources for healing, wholeness, empowered living, and happiness. Shamanic Counseling and Journey Work help you access those profound resources, giving you tools for life's challenging and confusing situations and enabling you to be more effective in your everyday life.

There are many Shamanic Healing practitioners who will go on a Journey for you; what makes my work different is that you go on the Journey, with my assistance as Guide and Witness along the way. Because of this approach, every Journey empowers you and grants increased access to your own inner wisdom and spiritual guidance throughout your daily life. Instead of being dependent on someone else to provide you healing or insight, you develop your own skills for healing and understanding.

The experiences one has while Journeying occur almost as if you were physically there. Instead of talking or thinking about something, you know it and feel it in your body. This felt experience has a profound power to enact lasting emotional change in a relatively short period of time. While this change is powerful and often rapid, it is also gentle and supportive. Your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance know exactly what you are ready for and can handle, and communicate with you in ways more profound, beautiful, and "on target" than any person could ever do. Because Journeying is experiential, not belief-based, it works for people of all faiths, religions, and spiritualities.

A Journey Work session:
We will start a session by discussing the issues that are currently of concern for you, and I will guide you in forming a clear question, purpose, and intent for the Journey. Next I will verbally assist you to enter into a different level of consciousness, like that hovering feeling between waking and sleeping. You then describe to me what you experience (see, hear, feel, smell, touch, and think) and I suggest things you might ask or do during your Journey. This may sound very simple, but it provides profound experiences.

The Journey experience is full of rich imagery and messages, but the details tend to fade if not written down (much like a dream). I recommend having a journal on hand to write down everything you can remember immediately following the Journey. I also recommend that you have a little something to snack on after the Journey to help you re-ground into your body. If the session is over the phone, you will want a headset for your phone so you can be comfortable throughout the Journey.

A Journey lasts as long as it needs to to answer the question, but typically doesn't last longer than one hour. Afterwards I'm available for discussion. Although the Journey may be an hour or less, I recommend that you set aside two hours in order to have plenty of time to discuss, journey, and write without anxiety about an upcoming appointment.

The fee is $90 for a Journey Work session.

Unblocking Intentions
Have you been trying to manifest something specific in your life for months or years and find it is just not happening? Using a rich model of the creative process developed from my work with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, I will help you discover and address the issues that are hindering your intentions and keeping your from successfully reaching your goals. Then I will teach you practical and spiritual exercises that will help you clear away that which is blocking your path, allowing you to release your creative flow. No previous knowledge of Kabbalah is necessary to benefit from this work.

An Unblocking Intentions session takes 90 minutes and the fee for a session is $120. You will receive a copy of two handouts summarizing the discoveries and the suggested exercises at the end of the session.

Tarot Readings
Sometimes you need to get a bird's eye view of a problem. Or perhaps you need a map of the paths through the forest. Tarot divination is ideal for these situations. A tarot reading starts with a discussion of your question(s), during which I will custom design a card spread with you to find exactly the information you are looking for. Next I lay out the cards and describe what I see. This is done as an interactive discussion to ensure the clarity and usefulness of the answers.

Thee fee is $70 for an hour Tarot reading; $35 for a half hour reading. A picture of the finished card spread is included as part of the fee.

Cesar teaches on a variety of spiritual topics, including Kabbalah, Tarot, and Alchemy. All of his workshops include an experential component to promote deeper learning. To get a list of currently scheduled workshops, or to arrange a workshop in your area, contact Cesar.

Additional Services
I am available for other services, such as soul retrievals , talisman creation and officiating at weddings. If interested, contact me for more details.

"Cesar's presence and words lent a very grounded and safe feeling to the experience, and his questions and suggestions felt wise and helpful, yet the experience was still fully mine. The images that came, the interactions, the flow, all surfaced spontaneously from within me, and he remained true to what was happening, allowing it to be mine, while also providing strength and support."

"My journey stays with me to this day. Particular images come forth at helpful moments and take me back, even in my body, to that moment in the journey and I remember fully. I remember the messages I received, and they resonate anew. These full-body memories help ground me and give me strength and energy. And I so appreciate the tools Cesar gave me to be able to spontaneously call upon my experience - I have used them so many times."



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