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Cesar spent 10 years as an electrical and manufacturing engineer in Silicon Valley before he followed a lifelong calling toward Shamanism and attended a workshop conducted by Michael Harner in 2003. The profound experiences during that workshop started Cesar on a path of ever deeper self exploration and spiritual connection. In 2004, synchronistic circumstances brought him in contact with his current teacher, Rev. Chris Faulconer, of the 21st Century Mystery School located in Pine Mountain, California. The first instruction Cesar received was in Tarot and Kabbalah, followed by weekly Journeywork. In 2005, Cesar began training with Chris as a guide to others during their Journeys. In 2006, Cesar commenced work as a solo practitioner and guiding his own clients.

Cesar is currently enrolled at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Masters in Counseling Psychology program with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. At Pacifica, Cesar has studied Carl Jung’s technique of Active Imagination, and he is currently working on a thesis about an embodied approach to psychological alchemy.

"The journey that Cesar facilitated with me, was magical yet practical. It helped me find light in the deepest chasms and love in the loneliest places. Within a few days after the journey, I noticed changes happening within me, my work, and my relationships. Cesar's style was gentle and compassionate while providing enough strength to take me where I needed to go."  --Camille Attell

"I feel that Cesar guided me toward a root, core part of myself, a place where I communed with deeper energies and images. There I found strength and aliveness and grace that I was not fully aware of, and I found ways to contact that and dance with it a little. In some ways, I feel that Cesar guided me to a new, empowering experience."

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