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Shamanic and Spiritual Counseling

offered by William"Cesar" Cesarotti in the San Francisco Bay Area

Cesar believes in empowering everyone to walk the wandering life-path toward their full potential. He brings this into being through counseling, healing, and teaching, in both one-on-one sessions and group settings.

Shamanic and spiritual counseling is effective for almost any issue, including physical pain, and is particularly useful for:

        Self-empowerment and discovery
        Emotional healing and access to your whole story
        Removing blocks to personal growth
        Discovering your life-purpose
        Improving your relationships

Shamanic Counseling and Journey Work will help you access your own inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. This is a powerful technique that can provide healing, growth, and inner change in a relatively short period of time. It is also an excellent way to receive guidance and tools for various challenging or confusing life situations.

In Cesar's unique Unblocking Intentions work you will discover the issues that are blocking the successful completion of your intention. You'll be taught practical and spiritual exercises that will help you clear away the things blocking your path and release your creative flow.

A Tarot Reading is an excellent way to get a roadmap of the choices before you, whether choosing between two or more options, or finding new options. A reading is also valuable for mapping out the challenges of a situation through the short, medium, and long term.

Cesar's work is non-denominational and works equally well for any religious or spiritual orientation, including a lack there of. All of these services are available over the phone or in person.

"The journey that Cesar facilitated with me, was magical yet practical. I was going through one of the darkest periods in my life and the journey I took provided a new and rich understanding of what I was going through. It helped me find light in the deepest chasms and love in the loneliest places. Within a few days after the journey, I noticed changes happening within me, my work, and my relationships. Cesar's style was gentle and compassionate while providing enough strength to take me where I needed to go."  --Camille Attell

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